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Hello dear friends! 

Lastemööbel, lastetoad, lastevoodid, autovoodi, autovoodid, lastetoa sisustus

We are very happy that you came to our page to discover real children's furniture that makes every child's life exciting and full of imagination.

Children's furniture e-shop www.hello4kids.com was established in 2010 in Estonia.

At that time there was not much choice in the market and most of what was offered was monochromatic and perhaps a bit boring for children. Since we ourselves had 3 small children growing up, we wanted to furnish their children's rooms with something more exciting and child-friendly. Since such a choice was not offered in our market, we decided to start working on it ourselves in order to make the children's rooms of other families with small children happier.

Our wish is to offer children's room furniture that the children themselves really like. If furniture in light, beige colors is usually chosen for the children's room, our wish is to offer the child room furniture that reminds the child of his favorite characters and heroes from well-known movies. To have something that makes the child want to be in his room and play and develop his own fantasies.

It's also nice when a child can fall asleep at night in a children's bed protected by Spiderman or Frozen Elsa, can drive Disney cars in the car bed in their dreams and place their toys in boxes with a watchful eye from the child's favourite character.

Children's furniture, children's beds, children's tables and chairs, toy drawers and bookshelves are just the right height and size for children, so that the child does not injure himself while playing or sleeping in bed. The children's room must be comfortable and safe for the child, so that he can arrange his own things in his room and he will have the desire to clean after himself and take his toys and books back to their place.

We do our best to make our e-shop a convenient, secure online store with an interesting selection of goods, where you can find new and exciting products again and again.

We are also interested in expanding the range of the e-shop. If you would like to add something great to our e-shop that could make our little ones feel even happier and happier in their room, please feel free to       contact us.

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Happy and safe shopping in our e-store!
Kati Keevallik