Jungle 3pc Cookie cutter set Hello4kids Children's Furniture and Accessories

Push and print cookie cutter set

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Push and print Jungle design cookie cutters ( the palm tree, elephant, monkey).

Each cookie stamp measures about 9-10 cm.

Food Grade Material - These cookie cutters are made of non-toxic, they are durable and easy to clean and stainless. Packed inside the beautiful carton box what is also a great present for friends. 

Exercise children's hands-on ability

Easy to use

Our cookie cutters are designed with spring-loaded handles. Easy to use, just place the cookie cutter on the dough, press the spring by hand to use and shape, resulting in very cute and fun cookies. Great for cutting ginger beards, pastries, cookies and more

This cookie cutter set is a must-have baking tool in your kitchen to create beautiful cookies.

Using a cookie cutter is a fun and easy way to add some creativity and personality to your baked goods. Simply roll out your dough, press the cutter into the dough, and gently remove the excess dough from around the edges of the shape. You can then decorate your cookies with frosting, sprinkles, or other toppings to make them even more festive and delicious.